The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes, which has enabled bright and energy saving white light, the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, and the celebration of the International Year of Light in 2015 are evidence of the importance of light phenomena. Likewise, it hints of the bright future expected for this field together with the phenomena at nanoscale. Such remarkable concentration of light-related phenomena is enhanced by continued celebration by promoting the 14th IUVSTA School on NANO-OPTICS.

The field of optics has not only tremendously benefited from the progress in nano-science and fabrication but has also generated important nano-sub-fields such as three-dimensional optical lithography, bio-sensing among others. The new avenues coming from nanoscience enable completely new concepts of directing the flow of light and control of light-matter interaction. Interesting areas include nano-plasmonic structures and applications include, for instance, ultra-compact and ultra-fast optical telecommunications devices and bio-photonics. New optics approaches also are giving birth to nanoscience and nano-technological fields of their own, e.g., by novel super-resolution approaches. Additionally, the solid-state lighting and the emergence of digital light sources will have a remarkable impact on human centric lighting.

The NANO OPTICS School has been organized to provide the rare opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the top experts in the field, both from academia and from companies. Ph.D. and master students are encouraged to attend the School and present their research work. Strong interaction between lecturers and students will be promoted during the entire school. To complement the main lectures, specific demonstrations within the spirit of a workshop is being prepared. Moreover, promoting an active participation of the students “Closing the gap” sessions as well as “Brain Storming-Group Exercise” and “Students Reporting” sessions are included in the Program. Researchers and professors from Universities and Institutes as well as product developers and members of the board from companies are welcome to present a “Contributed Lecture” or poster within the topics/sub-topics of the School or as a participant. The School will be held at INL laboratory Braga, Portugal. A guided visit to the INL is included in the program.